Core Values

At Praiz Foundation; our value play a very vital role in our conduct and decision making processes. They are the bed rock of our culture and the basis of all we do and accomplish.

Our values describe who we are, what we stand for, what we do, how we do what we do, how we see ourselves and how we want others to see us.

They explain our function as an organization, as a team, and how decision are been made.

They are set of values that corroborate everything we do, and everything we stand for as an organization.

They are what we are committed to live up to; day by day.

There are six set of values that underpin all we do and all we stand for, and they are


  • Outstripping every standard to be the best and remain the best in all we do.
  • We set the land mark for what it means to be exceptional and outstanding.
  • To be the best at all times, continually adding values to mankind.
  • Zero tolerance to excuses or failures.
  • Maintaining focus, not losing quantities for qualities.
  • Our approach is not that of Excellence at all cost but excellence at all fronts, so that we deliver outcomes that will make the world a better place to live for every individual.


  • We show proven level of transparency, honesty, accountability and fairness in all our decisions and actions. We work at fulfilling our commitment towards our vision through our conduct.

  • We are firm with our purpose and committed to do the right thing in all circumstances; with the aim of adding values to mankind.
  • We show consistent, faithfulness, focus, accuracy and uncompromising adherence to our goals and vision.


  • Anticipating and responding quickly to mankind need with the right strategies and technology.
  • Pioneering new ways of doing things and giving services to meet people’s needs.
  • Application of better solutions that meet new requirements and unarticulated needs of mankind.
  • Deliberate application of new ideas, creative thoughts and new imagination and right information to meet man’s need.


  • Been classic and putting our very best in all that we do irrespective of the condition or situation.
  • Consistently bring the best of the knowledge and expertise to the table in all we do.
  • Setting the highest standard in our work ethics, behaviors, activities, the way we treat people and more importantly, the way we treat ourselves as a team.


  • We set the pace for others to follow.
  • We led by example and with guts.
  • Been the best, been the first, and most times, been the only one challenging the status quo and making the difference.


  • Building a team based on shared values and vision.
  • Developing our team to become world class professionals and leaders.
  • Encouraging a sense of ownership at individual level while fostering team spirit, and loyalty to shared version.
  • Collaborating efforts to achieve a common goal and to complete a given task in the most effective and efficient way.