What We Do


Our Belief

We believe the paramount path out of poverty into prosperity is access to quality and affordable education.

Our Goal

We exist to ensure that all people, especially those with little or no resources at their disposal have access to quality and affordable education.

The Challenge

For generations, education has been the platform of opportunities and development in Nigeria but the quality of education keeps degrading by the day. However, with the ongoing revolution in the world, it is necessary we also evolve. The times have changed and so must we.

We live in a globally connected and information saturated world and all students need to learn in and out of school – both in person and online, together and independently. More so; it is sacrosanct that every student is exposed to the learning experience that would help them master the skills to meet their individual needs for both the present and the future.

Meanwhile, the challenges are high as there are limited opportunities for so many young people; this results in dramatically lower life prospects for them resulting in unbearable life for the nation at large.

Our Strategies

Praiz Foundation is committed to ensuring that all students in Nigeria have opportunities to quality and affordable education.

We focus on improving education through revolution by building on and sharing new, effective strategies and standards that will improve the educational system across the country.

One among many of our strategies seek  to strengthen the relationship between teachers and students and to achieve this, we work with educators, policymakers, parents and communities to expand, accelerate and identify innovative solutions that can help unlock students’ potentials.


Our Creed

We believe health is wealth and a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. Prosperity cannot be achieved without quality and affordable healthcare. Therefore, we are committed towards ensuring that mothers and children have access to quality and affordable healthcare, especially those in the remote areas.

Our Goal

We seek to improve maternal health by ensuring that women and infants survive and remain healthy during pregnancy and childbirth.

The Challenge

Since 1990, maternal deaths worldwide have dropped. Statistics shows that at least eight hundred (800) women worldwide die each day from preventative causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.  The causes include severe bleeding, infections, high blood pressure and complications during pregnancy and delivery. However, a higher percentage of this death rate occurs among people with little or no resources to access quality healthcare.

Although there are high impact interventions such as antibiotics, cord care (including sterilized blades for cutting umbilical cords), drugs that prevent and treat postpartum haemorrhage, resuscitation, etc. which can be used to prevent these complications, these provisions cannot be said to reach all the women and new born babies who need them particularly as some of these women cannot even afford them.

Alternatively, many women would decide to give birth at home and may not get to see skilled health workers before, during and/or after delivery. All of these have increased maternal mortality.

Our Strategies

We seek to work closely with governments, non-governmental organisations; private sectors and individuals in ensuring that the less privileged are also beneficial of these high impact interventions.

Praiz foundation also collaborates with other organisations in areas such as: family planning, integrated delivery, nutrition, childhood diseases, etc.

We support researches involving discoveries, developments and implementations of science, which does not only result in better ways of saving the lives of women and children but also improve the quality of their health.

Our efforts are currently focused on the northern part of Nigeria, as this area accounts for a significant percentage of maternal mortality.



Our Creed

Our belief is that the roles of the youth in the development of any growing economy cannot be overemphasised. Every powerful nation on earth has empowered youths who are using their skills to promote the economy of the nation.

We seek to ensure that every eligible youth across the country is an entrepreneur.

The Challenges

In many nations such as Nigeria, human resource is not being maximized as most young graduates end up at home doing nothing because the jobs available do not measure up with the number of fresh graduates churned out by Tertiary institutions on a yearly basis.

Research has clearly shown that six out of every ten graduate in Nigeria end up with no job. The very few who are able to secure jobs are either unpaid, owed, or given incomplete payment. This clearly indicates that nations like Nigeria are faced with serious unemployment challenges.

Majority of youths believe they would be employed immediately or almost immediately after graduation and this mentality has deprived many youths from utilizing their potentials and creative ideas, some of which the Nation can benefit from. Therefore, it is very essential to encourage the youths to acquire skills outside their areas of specialization and have them enlightened on the benefits and importance of being self employed. 

However, encouraging self employment among the youth in a nation like ours will go a very long way in reducing the damaging effect that erupts from unemployment as there is no limit to what a nation can achieve when her youths are being encouraged and given the opportunities to express their knowledge-base, skills and creative ideas; nations like China have proved this times without number.

We believe in making wake-up calls in this regard; youth empowerment is the way out. The government must understand this; every organisation and individual must also recognize this.

Our Strategies

We seek to work closely with the government, non-governmental organisations and private sectors in ensuring that every eligible youth across the country is an entrepreneur.

Having identified entrepreneurship as the major driver of economic growth and development, we are committed to ensuring that every eligible youth across the country is empowered and monitored.